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i wanted 2 be an artist bc i saw pictures of weird people in nightclubs and looked at a caption saying they were artists and thought that’s what i could be too if i went 2 art school. Or I wanted 2 be an artist bc i saw the jogging/aids-3D/etc on tumblr and thought it was funny and so true and thought i could make funny and so true things if i went 2 art school. sadly, as i started art school, the liberal art world became a death cult bent on hating a little Cheeto man in the White House just because he beat crooked hillary in the 2016 presidential race. as if Bernie losing the primary and prince dying weren’t bad enough, art became extremely stupid. most of my professors weren’t stupid though so i stayed in school. then they stole the election from Bernie again my senior year. then coronavirus happened. art became even stupider since. Even “outsider” art is stupider, in fact, it is harming the environment as much as regular art was 4 years ago. the public now has the ability to create stupid art that shouldn’t exist, democracy has arrived.

“This is what being an artist meant 2 u, right?” the dumb fucking idiot asks me. “No, bitch.” I say to them. i point to a picture of weird people in a nightclub from the 70s, and then a cobrasnake picture. “I meant that.” they don’t know what im talking about or what that means. they made being cool something u should feel bad and alienated about. i wonder if cool people of yore felt alienated and lost.  i guess hippies and communists and other cia victims in the 60s and 70s did, i guess gay people in the 80s and 90s did, i guess unpatriotic people in the 00s did, i guess bernie voters in first half of the 10s did.

i know who doesnt feel alienated rn. Qanon ppl dont, bc they will find a world they can be happy 2 live in. for-profit activists on the center-left and right will find a world they can be happy in. the post-left will find happiness (read: some pussy).

lets say tht somehow i make a lot of money. drugs will still be illegal, fast food still wont be abolished, and there will be no austin powers 4. on top of this: art and nightlife will still be undervalued bc of all the things america had done to deconstruct their importance in culture. it takes years 2 build something and only a few minutes 2 destroy it. this holds true 4 any cultural organ. what if i just stabbed u in the kidneys rn. joe biden and rudy giuliani and the cia did this 4 nightclubs and art with their bills and crime policies and 9/11s. i look in the mirror. i  say this shit sucks. i could be vaccinated soon, what world am i coming back 2. one that still sucks. art will still be stupid, and its all your fault. we've all probably had the chance to murder someone high up in some organization and get away with it, we just didn't know it was our chance or who they were. what can you do but say oh well